‘SNL’ Perfectly Captures Your Childhood To Ask ‘Where In The World Is Kellyanne Conway?’

It doesn’t last too long but SNL‘s take on Carmen Sandiego is likely the best sketch of the night from Chris Pine’s first appearance as host. Not only is it a near perfect send-up of the PBS game show that appeared in many living rooms after school back in the ’90s, but it also makes fun of Kellyanne Conway’s disappearance from the public eye.

Yes, she just reappeared on television to close out the week, but it doesn’t mean this sketch is any less funny. She was an almost daily fixture for the Trump team at one point before defending Ivanka Trump’s clothing line on television and being sent to a Martian spice mine or something. You could blame Sean Spicer for taking much of the media’s attention and limiting the need for Conway, but you could also say that his many blunders increased the need for someone of her expertise.

The sketch is ready to begin the search for her, but our child contestants put a stop to it fairly quick. It seems like that prime trip to Sacremento just isn’t enough of a gift to entice them to search for Trump’s former campaign manager. Also, the solution to the game is always going to end up somewhere deep in the bowels of the White House, so there’s no real challenge. Just picture it like the Dungeon of Doom set from those old WCW Nitro episodes and you’ll know the search isn’t worth it.

You gotta love those fine jackets and the nod to Rockapella, though. A cappella never went out of style!

(Via SNL)

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