Turns Out ‘Ted Lasso’ Viewers Weren’t The Only Ones Who Found Jamie’s Pronunciation Of ‘Poop-Eh’ Really Funny

There are not many things that will make Brett Goldstein laugh. There are not many things that will make him cry either, but he’s already been made fun of for that, so we don’t have to get into it. Perhaps it’s just because he’s like his character in real life, or maybe he’s just a very serious actor, or both, but it’s rare to see him smiling and reacting to things in a normal way instead of being a grump about it.

It seems like his Ted Lasso costars try to have a little bit of fun with Goldstein’s perpetually grouchy on-screen persona, and Phil Dunster really wanted the actor to have a laugh, which inspired him to pronounce “poop” in a way you have never heard and will now never un-hear.

While speaking to TVLine, Dunster, who plays Jamie Tartt, said that the pronunciation of the phrase came out of nowhere, like all good jokes.

When asked if he thought the line would be a hit, Dunster replied, “No, but it did really, really, really make Brett [Goldstein] laugh. He normally giggles a bit, but that was the biggest joy of it for me.” If you ever want anyone to giggle, just mention poop and see what happens. Though this normally only works with those under the age of seven, it’s worth a shot.

Dunster continued, “It came between takes. I was just trying to piss Brett off by saying it as ridiculously as I could. My only qualm is that people write it ‘poop-ay,’ and it’s ‘poop-eh,’ but it’s no longer my thing. It belongs to other people now,” he added. You hear that, haters? You’ve been spelling the word “poop-eh” wrong all this time. Feel embarrassed yet?!

Who knows what will happen with Roy Kent & Co after season three ends (??), but there is always room for some more poop jokes.

New episodes of Ted Lasso premiere on Wednesdays on Apple TV.

(Via TVLine)