Brett Goldstein Had To Sneak Off Into The Showers To Cry During The Final Days (?!) Of ‘Ted Lasso’

At this point, the only person who knows if Ted Lasso will return seems to be the fictional Ted Lasso himself and maybe whoever bakes those biscuits. But the cast sure is having fun throwing out wild theories and red herrings as to how this third season will end. Spoiler (ish) alert (?): they keep doubling down on the “everybody dies” joke. Hopefully, it remains a joke.

But even though the future is uncertain, writer and star Brett Goldstein admitted that those final days on set were very emotional. Goldstein said that, despite them not knowing if the show would return, the crew acted as if it would be their final shot (because it probably is). While on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the actor went into detail about the final scene they shot.

“The last day, I think it was, like, mean of the AD, they deliberately scheduled the last scene, had everyone in it, in the locker room. And it was already an emotional scene,” Goldstein explained. “Eventually they said, ‘That’s a wrap’ and then 250 people, set designers, accountants, everyone, rushed into the locker room, and everyone hugged and kissed, we had an orgy, you know, normal stuff,” he quipped, seemingly unable to get rid of his signature Roy Kent joke delivery. And why should he?

The actor, who co-created Apple TV+’s latest hit Shrinking, later admitted that the scene got him a little misty-eyed. “Everyone was crying and Jason did his speech… I kept sneaking off to the shower set to have a cry so no one could see. And I’d come back in like ‘why are you all crying? What’s wrong with you.'” Isn’t the whole point of Ted Lasso to prove that male emotions are important too?! Let it out, Brett! This is what Jason Sudeikis has been trying to tell you all this time.

Even though Lasso is (maybe) done, Goldstein says that he would consider appearing in Shrinking. He is quite literally here, there, and everywhere.

Check out the clip below.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)