Will ‘Ted Lasso’ End After Season 3?

Apple TV+ released a Ted Lasso teaser today that put the AFC Richmond team into arts-and-crafts mode to let the title character know that they “still believe.” The show will return on March 15, a week ahead of Showtime’s Yellowjackets and HBO’s Succession, so we’ve got counter programming all over the place in the coming month. And that’s more than alright.

Actually and now that I think about it, both Succession and Ted Lasso will return in the wake of a betrayal, and of course, one can expect these shows to tackle their respective aftermaths in different ways. Will we, however, see a fourth season beyond the third round, which will contain a dozen episodes and arrive in weekly Wednesday installments? That’s all up in the air at the moment.

In fact, Jason Sudeikis and Apple TV+ have been staying mum on the situation, and while the star was backstage at last fall’s Emmys ceremony, Jason made clear that even though the buck keeps getting passed to him, he’s really not sure what the future holds. In the below Variety clip, Jason (who won the Lead Actor – Comedy Series trophy) stood in front of the show’s ensemble cast and producers (after winning Outstanding Comedy Series) and made clear that he didn’t have the Season 4 answer that people wanted: “I don’t know. It’s up to more factors than myself.”

That sentiment has stayed intact. In other words, if anyone knows that Season 4 is on the way, no one is telling yet. Well actually, there’s a late-breaking addition here. Via Comic Book, WB TV Group CEO Channing Dungey told Deadline that the show “was very much a three-act structure” as conceived by Sudeikis and Bill Lawrence. Then “if you fall in love with that world and those characters, it’s hard to say goodbye.” Dungey further declared that the Season 3 finale does “end beautifully… If that is all we do in the Ted Lasso universe, I think the fans will be really happy and excited.” However, “There’s also a way to crack open a door” for more.

As soon as confirmed word (yes or no) drops, the TV world will be all over the news. In the meantime, here’s to hoping that people drop the backlash tendencies and simply let viewers enjoy a nice show.

Ted Lasso will return on March 15 with Brett Goldstein, Brendan Hunt, Anthony Head, Juno Temple, Hanna Waddingham, Nick Mohammed, and more. Oh, and Jason Sudeikis.