Brett Goldstein Has A Wildly Outside-The-Box Idea For Where ‘Ted Lasso’ Can Go In A Proposed Season 4

Ted Lasso is supposed to end with its forthcoming third season, which premieres on March 15. But what if it didn’t? What if Jason Sudeikis’ semi-cockeyed optimist left AFC Richmond but came back in a completely outside-the-box way? What if, as co-star Brett Goldstein recently suggested, he died but didn’t disappear?

“Season 3 ends with the death of some major characters,” the show’s resident assistant coach Roy Kent and real life Muppet fanatic said in a recent chat with The Hollywood Reporter (as caught by /Film). “I keep saying– I have said to Jason I keep saying– I have said to Jason, season 4 could be ‘Ghost Lasso,’ where we carry on but Ted Lasso is now haunting the locker rooms and trying to inspire the players from the other side.”

Goldstein’s joking (probably), but it’s not a bad idea. Shows never end these days, but having Ted die and come back as a friendly ghost is fitting with the feel-good show, which is able to stay positive while acknowledging and exploring the darker sides of life. Ted would definitely be the kind of spirit who’s upbeat even in death.

You can watch Sudeikis, Goldstein, and other Ted Lasso cast members talk about the show in the video below. Season 3 begins on March 15 on Apple TV+.

(Via /Film)