‘The Batman’ Spinoff Series Focused On Arkham Asylum Is Still Happening Despite The Ongoing Warner Bros. Discovery Chaos

In another sign that Warner Bros. Discovery is committed to its DC Comics franchise despite shelving Batgirl and making lots of proclamations about refocusing on theatrical releases, The Batman spinoff series centered on Arkham Asylum is moving full steam ahead. Antonio Campos has been officially hired as the showrunner for the project, and in another interesting bit of news, it appears the show did not replace the previously announced spinoff about the Gotham City PD.

Via Variety:

Although Matt Reeves had previously said that the originally planned Gotham PD series had “kind of evolved” into what is now the Arkham Asylum show, an individual with knowledge of the situation now says that the two are in fact completely separate and that the Gotham PD series remains in development. The Gotham PD series was originally announced in July 2020 with a series commitment. At that time, the show was meant to be about the inner workings of the GCPD and set within the same world as Reeves’ “The Batman,” with Terence Winter writing and executive producing.

Even if the GCPD show never sees the light of day, the forward momentum on the Arkham series shows a surprising commitment from WBD, who seemed reluctant to dump money into streaming projects on HBO Max. However, The Batman director Matt Reeves was the first filmmaker that the newly-merged company signed to a first-look deal, and according to a recent report, he’s developing solo movies based on Batman villains.

The Battinson Universe is looking strong as DC Films enters a bold new age under the watchful eye of James Gunn.

(Via Variety)