Ayo Edebiri Invented Some ‘Spoilers’ From ‘The Bear’ Season Three, Including A ‘Shogun’ Crossover

It’s been almost a year since Carmy got stuck in that refrigerator and you’ll probably be delighted to know that he did, in fact, make it out. Or the entire third season of The Bear is just a hypothermia-induced delusion, but no matter what, The Bear is returning this month. And with that comes a series of chaotic interviews with the cast, including Ayo Edebiri.

Edebiri was on The Tonight Show chatting with Fallon when the host asked for “something about the season.” Edebiri, a woman of the people, did not disappoint. “Okay, we do a crossover with Shogun, so it’s like a crazy,” Edebiri began. “Carmy hits his head, and the world of Shogun overlaps with world of The Bear and as he tries to find his way back to full health he starts to see the characters from our world and their world. You have to watch it, it will make sense,” she said, before adding, “No spoilers!” Hopefully the big heads at FX aren’t too upset about this.

Jokes aside, Fallon then mentioned that Edebiri made her directorial debut this season. Edebiri says she never had the directing bug until she met director Chris Storer.

“I was like 22 or something and when we first met he was like ‘You’re a director’ and I was like “No, I just think im nosy.'” Luckily, most directors are nosy, so she fits in well with that crowd. “I still think it’s because I’m nosy and opinionated, I don’t know.” Nosy and opinionated are the two best words to describe Irish royalty, so it fits!

Check out the full interview above. The Bear returns on June 27th.