Here’s Why People Seem Worked Up About Ayo Edebiri Maybe (But Really Not) Being From Ireland

The fine actors of Ireland have been in their winning era for the past few years. We had Colin Farrell and his little Donkey racking up awards left and right in 2023, while Cillian Murphy has been doing pretty well for himself, even if he doesn’t think so. Now that Barry Keoghan has acquired a small army of fans, it’s time to face the facts: being Irish is cool right now. So it makes sense that Ayo Edebiri, who is known for being cooler than most, is channeling her inner Irish roots.

Edebiri took home a Golden Globe for her work in The Bear when in reality, she should be taking home an Oscar for her ongoing performance of “Irish Person.” Edebiri has been committing to the bit that she is from Ireland, thanks to a 2023 video of the actress talking about living in Ireland to prepare for her role in The Banshees of Inisherin, a movie she wasn’t in.

Since this, Edebiri has frequently joked about Ireland being her “home nation,” despite being from Ben Affleck’s home nation, Boston. The joke has caught on, though, and Irish-based accounts even continue to perpetuate the idea that Edibiri is Irish, especially after her big Golden Globes win. To confirm, she is not Irish. That we know of. But the people keep playing along, because why not?? She’s an actress. Her whole thing is to pretend to be someone else!

The actress has an Irish endorsement from Paul Mescal, and she has the accent down perfectly, so maybe we can just let her keep going with this one, at least until she stars in a movie alongside Saoirse Ronan.