TikTok Icon (And Sometimes Film Director) Martin Scorsese Sat Down For An Interview With His Next Potential Muse (The Family Dog, Oscar)

Martin Scorsese has been on a such roll lately, it’s almost as if he has a big project on the horizon or something. On today’s Scorsese Recap, his daughter once again gave him full reign over her TikTok, and he decided to interview his next movie muse for a brand new project. It seems like Martin likes TikTok now that you can make longer videos, something he is famously a fan of doing, so he made a new post.

The video features Marty looking like his best self, speaking to an unknown listener. “I have been working a long time making pictures, almost 50 years, and one muse [for] many, many years, 10 pictures, is Robert De Niro, another muse, Leo DiCaprio is extraordinary, six films with him so far. Over the years I’ve worked with great actors, from Ellen Burstyn to Paul Newman, Michelle Pfeiffer, Margot Robbie, and…I need a change,” the director confessed before the camera panned to his listener, the family dog, Oscar. He’s talking to a dog, who seems very uninterested, by the way.

“I need to find something that I could take further. To another level. What that is? I’m not quite sure. But I’ve heard some extraordinary things about you. I don’t wanna embarrass you, I heard some extraordinary things. And I think we might be able to work something out.” You suddenly begin to wonder….is he talking to..me? Am I the next great actor? And then it pans to the dog again and you remember what you’re watching.

Now maybe you’ve never seen the family dog Oscar before, but this isn’t some Clifford The Big Red Dog situation. Oscar is a professional, and he looks hesitant to really commit to working in the family business. In theory, Scorsese is good at making people act, but he just doesn’t have a lot of experience with animals, besides that one time, so why should Oscar accept Scorsese’s offer? Oscar knows he could get a role on Disney Channel in minutes if he really wanted to.

Scorsese, on the other hand, doesn’t even know how to use the internet. He recently confessed, “I don’t use a computer because I tried a couple times and I got very distracted. I get distracted as it is,” Scorsese said in a recent interview with AP. “I’ve got films, I’ve got books, I’ve got people. I’ve only begun this year to read emails. Emails, they scare me. It says ‘CC’ and there are a thousand names. Who are these people?” This doesn’t seem like a man who is up to Oscar’s standards, but maybe he’ll decide to audition anyway, as a favor. Or he’ll turn it down and Leo will just step in. Just take your dog for a walk, Marty!!!!!!!!