‘The Boys’ Season 3 Blooper Reel Has Soldier Boy Dancing, Homelander Losing It, And Some Light Herpes Humor

After The Boys delivered a wild third season that saw Jensen Ackles practically steal the show as the gruff, debaucherous, and highly explosive Soldier Boy, Amazon has pulled back the curtain with a blooper reel showing all the ways that production can and does go wrong while making the raunchy superhero satire.

In the gag reel, The Boys‘ massive cast each struggle to keep together while delivering scathing lines and/or throwing punches at each other. During their fan-favorite fight in the heavily publicized “Herogasm” episode, Ackles and Antony Starr’s Homelander apparently ran into a variety of issues from Ackles forgetting his move to Starr getting caught in his own cape. And speaking of the Nazi-loving villain, Starr also had trouble keeping it together while filming scenes with Aya Cash’s Stormfront, who was left as nothing more than a stump in the Season 2 finale.

Meanwhile, the rest of the cast are seen hamming it up, particularly Jack Quaid‘s Hughie who got to mix it up with Ackles (who’s also seen dancing at one point) and Quaid apparently delivered a surprisingly straight-faced herpes joke that wasn’t in the script, but felt right at home.

Erin Moriarity also got in the action by demonstrating the importance of listening to special effects instructions. In her case, not staring into the wind machine simulating an explosion. You don’t want to look directly into that thing, which she unfortunately did.

The Boys Season 3 is currently available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video.