‘The Boys’ Actor Tomer Capone Was Pretty Upset About Frenchie Missing Out On ‘Herogasm,’ Too

Running jokes on The Boys are often a gut-churning pleasure, and during the recent “Herogasm” episode (one that fans called the best one of the series so far), multiple characters had a doozie about Frenchie (played by Tomer Capone). Frenchie, of course, was otherwise indisposed during the Supe orgy, and both Mother’s Milk and Billy Butcher made mention of how upset he’d be to miss the raucous affair. He’d always wanted to see this recurring debauchery go down, and everyone felt bad for Frenchie!

And as it turns out, Tomer was quite upset about this development, too. Frenchie did dodge this money shot (RIP that jacket), but still, Tomer felt the FOMO pretty hard. As he recently told Digital Spy, Tomer appreciated all of the condolences for his character, and don’t worry, he was irked, too:

“I read the script, and I read about ‘Herogasm’, and I’m continuing reading, and Frenchie’s not there. And that’s when I start to curse in French while reading the script [laughs].

“And I’m like: ‘I’m going to write Eric Kripke an email.’ And it’s typical Frenchie coming out of me. I don’t know. I still didn’t get over it, I still didn’t get over it. So many people were upset for me, and for Frenchie missing it, which I just want to say, through this platform: thank you, guys. You really helped me cope with the fact that I missed ‘Herogasm.'”

In addition, Tomer revealed how the show’s infamous (and Emmy-submitted) Whale scene could have been even more disgusting, but he kind-of ruined a shot. There’s no definitive answer on whether this was a purposeful or accidental move, but “when I got out of the whale guts, I put some guts in my mouth.” No no no no. And then this: “We have one shot where Frenchie is going up, and he’s gagging, and then he… I think I spit some whale guts onto the lens of the camera, so they couldn’t use it.” I’m not sad to have missed out on this moment, but here’s to hoping that Frenchie gets to attend a future Herogasm, if those Supes ever recover.

(Via Digital Spy)