‘The Boys’ Proves That Jack Quaid Can Barely Keep It Together While Trying To Be Serious

Hughie Campbell, arguably more than anyone else, goes through a lot on The Boys. From the very first episode‘s opening moments, we witness his trauma, and it’s so visceral that one wonders how actor Jack Quaid was able to get through the scene without losing it. Because the sight of him covered in fake blood and holding a pair of disembodied hands is almost too much, and now, I cannot stop imagining him laughing his butt off while shooting the scene. Why? Because The Boys Twitter account has exposed Quaid as a guy who cannot keep it together while attempting to film very serious moments.

“Wow, @jackquaid92 takes his job WAY too seriously,” wrote the smarta** (hi!) who’s running The Boys account. From there, we’re treated to two minutes of takes where Erin Moriarty (as Annie January/Starlight) and Karl Urban (as Billy Butcher) as they try to get through the scene where Hughie’s supposedly unconscious and Butcher’s declaring, “Every morning, he slaters his bum with creamy Desitin.” The not-so-subtle implication, of course, is that Hughie’s got some adult diaper rash, and for the life of him, Quaid can’t get through this scene.

From there, the speculation can begin. Naturally, one can assume that the infamous “Whale” sequence, which left Hughie shell-shocked inside of a giant, bloody mammal carcass, probably took forever to complete. And let’s not get started on the “Herogasm” episode that’s forthcoming and can’t get here soon enough.

The Boys Season 3 should have a release date… soon? Fingers crossed.