Eric Andre’s ‘Wildest Interview Yet’ On ‘The Eric Andre Show’ Lives Up To The Claim

Season 5 of The Eric Andre Show was only five weeks long (two episodes every Sunday night), but my god, what a five weeks it was. There was co-host Hannibal Buress quitting, a special “Bird Up!” with Lizzo, Grimes performing while getting “tortured” with liquid cheese by Kraft Punk, and a season-ending musical number straight out of The Muppet Movie, if one of the Muppets was an old man in a giant coffee cup costume. It’s the episode before the finale that has the internet talking, however, because although there’s been a lot of wild celebrity interviews on The Eric Andre Show, the one with Chad Johnson be the wildest.

Not that Chad Johnson, the former-Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver who changed his name Chad Ochocinco (a good Eric Andre Show character name, to be honest), but the Chad Johnson who was a contestant on The Bachelorette, Bachelor in Paradise, Famously Single, and Celebrity Big Brother UK, and now has an OnlyFans. It’s an understandable mistake, one that Andre made. He had no questions prepared for the other Johnson, but he did have footballs thrown at him, accuse of his guest of living in the “friend zone,” and then, after a nearly naked man descends from the ceiling with a gun (“You gotta support the troops”), he also strips his clothes off and… watch above.

Welcome back. In case you were wondering, yes, Andre really did drink his own pee. This was confirmed on Reddit by not-Ochocinco, who wrote, “None of this was scripted and I had no idea what was about to happen, and yes, he really drank his own piss, which I definitely did not expect lol.” Other Reddit users tried to disagree with the “Last night, Eric Andre aired his wildest interview yet” headline, but they couldn’t.

That was 2 minutes of WTF

“So you gonna Venmo me for reparations?”
Lmfao how does he come up with this shit?

I brainstormed for like 2 minutes how he could have faked peeing and drinking out of the cup before I remembered this is Eric Andre and he definitely just drank his own piss.

God bless him for being able to just pee in a cup totally nude with cameras and several people watching. I can’t pee when one dude is standing 4 urinals away from me sometimes.

I was about to argue…but then I got to the second half of the video. I concede the point.

You get to the crescendo , and your like ok, this is the bit. Then he just steps too feet over the line and onto a rocket ship of insanity.

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