The Snooki Ball Drop Is Back On

12.31.10 7 Comments

Pictured: Leaked Snooki nude picture

Relax everyone, the Snooki New Year’s Eve Ball Drop is back on! Those of you following this story with bated breath certainly know how close we came to a New Year’s without everyone’s favorite oompa-loompa trollop. See, originally the Snooki ball drop was supposed to take place in Times Square, until it dawned on everyone that it might violate New York’s draconian laws about placing mentally-challenged people inside plastic spheres for the amusement of drunken mobs or something. Luckily, that’s like the official state activity of New Jersey. Sayeth TMZ:

The giant ball — with a lit “Snooki” sign attached — just showed up in Seaside Heights … near the infamous “Jersey Shore” house.

MTV’s New Year’s Eve Snooki ball was reportedly banned from Times Square — but  we’ve learned plan B is shore sweet shore. They’re even getting the rigging ready to drop the ball … and Snooki.

Phew. I guess all’s well that ends well, but it does leave me feeling a little cheated. I mean, we were *thisclose* to an amazing bit of live television: a drunken, slurring Snooki being interviewed by Dick Clark, then turning to her handlers and demanding whatever he was drinking, because “that guy sounds wasted.” So yeah, setting that up just became my New Year’s Resolution.

[via Vulture]

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