The Aperol Spritz Has Seen A Spike In Popularity Thanks To ‘The White Lotus’

The White Lotus makes everything look cool. Dressing like Peppa Pig? Cool. Adultery? Cool. Aperol Spritz? Cool. The refreshing, easy-to-make cocktail — a mix of Aperol, club soda, and prosecco, garnished with an orange slice — has seen a spike in popularity due to season two of the HBO series.

“Campari Group, the spirits company behind Aperol, just announced that the bitter apéritif saw 50 percent growth in the U.S. in 2022 and is currently slated to become its fastest-growing offering,” Tequila Raiders reports.

Aubrey Plaza drinking your cocktail? Cool.

“If you look at White Lotus, which is a key Netflix TV series, you’ll see so many orange glasses – the Aperol perfect serve throughout every single show. That clearly is having an impact,” said Campari Group CEO Robert Kunze-Concewitz. It’s not enough of an impact to know that The White Lotus is on HBO, not Netflix, apparently, but point taken.

Campari isn’t the only business to see a boost from what has been dubbed as The White Lotus effect. According to the travel app Hopper, searches for Sicily flights and hotels increased by 50% during the time the show aired at the back end of 2022.

If you want to feel as cool as Mia and Lucia (in Sicily), we got you covered.

(Via Tequila Raiders)