Apparently, Mardi Gras Is Being Overrun By People Dressed As Jennifer Coolidge’s Character From ‘The White Lotus’

Jennifer Coolidge is getting a ton of love from Mardi Gras this year. The White Lotus star, who is actually from New Orleans, was the inspiration for a local Krewe. The boisterous group all dressed up as Coolidge’s character, Tanya McQuoid, complete with head wraps and all the cleavage befitting the star. The detailed homage caught the eye of Fox 8 reporter Natasha Robin who did her best to interview the Krewe, who let’s just say, were well into their Mardi Gras celebrations.

“We love Jennifer Coolidge and we know she’s like a local celebrity and we wanted to pay homage to our great success over the past few years,” a member of the Krewe told Robin. “This is just our way of saying, ‘We love you, Jennifer, and we wish you were out here with us.’ Happy Mardi Gras!”

“We just walk down to Bourbon Street and everyone loves the costumes and we just have a good time,” another Krewe member explained. “It’s Coolidge all the way.” From there, the interview was mostly lots of hooting, hollering, and uh, jiggling. These folks were having a good time, okay.

While Fox 8 was quick to get them on camera, the Krewe of Coolidge is already starting to pop up on TikTok where White Lotus fans are going nuts over the homage. You can see one of the videos below:

(Via Fox 8 New Orleans)