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Jersey Shore (MTV) — We’re powerless to not look at horrible car wrecks. War is terrible, but it still gets celebrated in television and film. In many ways, the blinding light and mushroom cloud of a nuclear explosion are beautiful.

Saturday Night Live Presents: A Very Gilly Christmas (NBC) — It’s the two-hour holiday show hosted by Kristen Wiig in character as Gilly. Hardly worth preempting “Community,” Parks & Rec,” and “30 Rock.” “The Office” I can live without.

Powder Blue (Showtime) — Whoa, DVR alert! Jessica Biel’s nude scene as a stripper! Hooray!

Survivor: Samoa (CBS) — There are six contestants left. I bring this up because this is supposedly a compelling season if you care about this show, and I never mention its existence. I’m kind of happier that way.

The Real Housewives of Orange County (Bravo) — Does Bravo realize that there are married women in Orange County who are actually attractive? It’s true. They should try to get some more of them for this show.

Truth About Online Anorexia (BBC America) — Apparently, there are websites that encourage anorexia. I never quite understood the whole eating disorder thing. I get it, I get it — it’s a disease. But I can’t help but think that it’s a disease that affects the stupid. C’mon ladies, if you’re going to let magazines affect your body image, at least get influenced by Playboy.

The Tonight Show (NBC) — The second guest is “molecular mixologist” Claire Smith. I can only hope she shares some holiday drink recipes. This apple cider I bought in September didn’t ferment quite the way I hoped.

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