When Does ‘The Boys’ Season 4, Episode 7 Come Out?

The Boys celebrated the Fourth of July last week with Firecracker going low in an attempt to be Homelander’s most favored member of The Seven. Meanwhile, viewers grew very worried about the survival odds of another member of that Vought Supe group, so surely, followup will be welcome with this week’s episode.

When Does The Boys Season 4, Episode 7 Come Out?

“The Insider” will stream on Prime Video/Amazon beginning at 3:00am EST and 12:00am PST on Thursday, July 11. From there, the audience can look forward to season finale time and then a long wait for the fifth and final season of the Eric Kripke series based upon Garth Ennis’ comic book series.

However, Gen V is currently filming its second season and will be a nice way to break that waiting period in half. Additionally, the Diabolical spin off still has a lone animated season available for streaming, and The Boys: Mexico could eventually happen, too.

Here’s to hoping that Hughie has a better finish to the season than the past few episodes have dealt him. That poor guy has been stressed to the max since the opening moments of the debut episode, and sometime, somewhere, he deserves a nice bath to wash the blood away before a long nap.