When Does ‘Interview With The Vampire’ Season 2, Episode 1 Come Out?

Anne Rice readers, get ready for “a new coven” to appear on AMC’s Interview With The Vampire series. You know what that means, yes? Without Lestat (Sam Reid) by their side, Louis (Jacob Anderson) and Claudia (now played by Delainey Hayles) will forge off by themselves and meet the Théâtre des Vampire troupe. That would place the series at the point where (in the movie) Armand first appears onscreen, although the character in the series (Assad Zaman) is very different from his movie counterpart.

Then again, many liberties have been taken with this show so far, including having modern-day Louis living in sunny Dubai, which makes perfect sense for a vampire. Additionally, Anderson revealed to Entertainment Weekly that Louis will be feeling “psychological and literal repercussions” for what has been done to Lestat. (Hey, it happens.) However, Anderson also promised that events in Dubai will be “really explosive,” and “Dubai really took me by surprise this season.”

Hmmm, will Lestat resurface in the freaking desert? Oh please.

When Does ‘Interview With The Vampire’ Season 2, Episode 1 Come Out?

AMC will air the episode on Sunday, May 12 at 9:00pm EST. The very simple episode description is as follows: “Louis recounts Claudia’s quest to find Old World Vampires amidst the backdrop of Europe during World War II.”

Eventually, this show will do the crossover thing with AMC’s The Witches Of Mayfair to make the Rice adaptations feel even more circular. We’re looking forward to it.