Who Are The People That Claudia Has Killed In ‘Power?’

(SPOILERS for this week’s Power Book IV: Force will be found below.)

While Tommy Egan is running around Chicago trying to make a lane for himself while seemingly pissing off everyone around him, there’s another person from the Windy City who’s trying to do the same. Claudia Flynn, daughter of Walter Flynn from the Irish Crime Family, has been seeking a true position within her family’s business, but Walter has no desire to move her from her role as an accountant for the business. As a result, Claudia sets out to sell her own product, a unique coke-like drug called Dahlia. With Tommy’s help, the two get to work, but it doesn’t come without Claudia having to do things she’s never done before.

Who Are The People That Claudia Has Killed In ‘Power?’

In the first six episodes of Power Book IV: Force, Claudia has killed two people and both have occurred with the past couple of weeks. Her first kill was Mai, her romantic partner that helped develop the Dahlia drug. That murder happened when she and Mai had a fight over the new drug. In this past week’s episode, Claudia kills Reggie, her old distro, after he attacks her for ignoring his calls and texts about collaborating to sell Dahlia. Unlike Mai’s murder, Reggie’s death came as an act of self-defense for Claudia.

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