Not Even Zendaya Knows If ‘Euphoria’ Will Return For Season 3

Following a spat of online rumors claiming that Euphoria had cancelled, HBO released a statement where the premium channel denied that it had pulled the plug on the Sam Levinson-created series. However, the network did confirm that Season 3 has been delayed and won’t premiere some time in 2025.

Despite HBO’s assurance that Season 3 was still arriving, theories that the show might be cancelled persist. Adding to that speculation is HBO confirming that the cast has been free to pursue other projects in the interim. Several of them, including Sydney Sweeney and Jacob Elordi, have blossomed into full-blown movie stars. Aligning their schedules will be no easy feat.

One of the biggest stars of Euphoria is, of course, Zendaya. While promoting her new movie, Challengers, she was asked about the chances of Season 3 returning, and her response wasn’t confidence-inspiring.

Via Variety:

Although the “Euphoria” star is an executive producer of the hit HBO series, she said she’s “not in charge” of whether or not the third season will really happen. But of course Zendaya wants to play Rue again.

“If it’s right for the characters and everything turns out the way it should, of course,” Zendaya told me at the “Challengers” premiere in Los Angeles Tuesday night. “But it’s beyond me.”

Zendaya’s diplomatic response arrives on the heels of reports that the actress was not thrilled with the initial scripts for Season 3 that saw her character, oddly, becoming a private eye. According to Variety, Zendaya later pitched a storyline where a now-sober Rue became a pregnancy surrogate. However, that idea was also reportedly scrapped as the scripts couldn’t find a fitting tone, and Season 3 was ultimately delayed.

Challengers opens in theaters on April 26.

(Via Variety)