05.14.09 9 years ago 4 Comments

Great news!  Following the awesome awesomeness of the awesome “Planet Earth” series, the Discovery Channel will make a high-definition sequel called “Wild Planet.”  From The Hollywood Reporter:

The network is teaming with Keith Scholey, the former head of the BBC’s Natural History Unit, for a multi-year production deal to capture the world continent by continent.

First up is the seven-part “Wild Planet: North America” (working title), which starts filming this year. The production will use the cutting-edge filming techniques popularized in the “Planet Earth” series, which has been a very useful project for the network, performing well in repeats and in DVD sales.

Now, let me be clear about one thing: I do not advocate illegal drug use.  I prefer the natural high given to me by whatever cleaning products are under my sink.  But — as evidenced by this slow-motion shot of a great white shark eating a seal (see below) — IF I owned a bong, a flat-screen television, and the DVD set of “Planet Earth,” I would probably never leave my apartment again.  Except to get more weed.  And Funyuns.

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