The 10 Best Emmy Snub Reaction GIFs, All Courtesy Of ‘Parks And Recreation’

The Emmy nominations will be announced tomorrow morning by none other than Nick Offerman. While attractive, intelligent, and informed viewers all know what the nominations SHOULD look like, unfortunately, being as attractive and intelligent as we are we’re also aware that great shows and actors get passed over every year for The Big Bang Theory and god knows what else.

Come Thursday morning when superior candidates are inevitably and insanely snubbed for lesser nominees you’ll no doubt want to share your dismay on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, message boards, and UPROXX comment sections. And there is clearly only one way to go about it. That’s right, reaction GIFs.

Could it be more apropos that the finest Emmy snub reaction GIFs come solely from the comedy that seemingly gets snubbed over and over again? I think not. Use these responsibly. Honorable mention of course goes out to this Ron Swanson static image that’s almost too on the nose.

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