Here Are Some Photos We Won't Miss While Instagram Is Down

That loud screaming noise you hear? That’s the sound of millions of Instagram users, who are hella pissed that they can’t upload pictures of their brunch to the Internet right now (this is assuming Instagram users don’t have access to Facebook or Flickr or Twitter or Tumblr…). According to Mashable:

Popular mobile photo-sharing service Instagram is still down this morning after violent storms in Virginia knocked out the cloud computing services that run it.

Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud, which powers sites like Netflix and Pinterest, and SocialFlow, as well as Instagram, was impacted during the widespread power outages that affected the region…A large portion of the outages centered around Washington, D.C., which has just posted its worst heat wave since 1934, with a temperature of 104. (Via)

In related news: why didn’t I buy an air conditioner during the spring? Relying on two box fans was not a good idea. Anyway, the outages mean the world is temporarily devoid of the following 10 kinds of photos, all of which we won’t miss while the Great Instagram Crisis of 2012 continues. May God have mercy on us all.

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Though I do appreciate how this picture is described as, “Toilet mirror adventures.” (Via)


I love cats, but I’m creeped out by hairless cats. Just sayin’. (Via)


I hang out on the Internet, so I DON’T have to think about death, thankyouverymuch. (Via)

I WANT IT. (Via)

Use your real camera instead. (Via)