'Mad Men' Finally Gets The 8-Bit Choose Your Own Adventure Treatment

From viral video masterminds The Fine Bros. comes the Mad Men 8-bit Choose Your Own Adventure game the internet didn’t know it needed to prepare for Sunday’s premiere.

Play as Don Draper from Mad Men and help him complete all 3 tasks to save the company! There are 3 different endings based on the order you complete the tasks, we encourage you to play the game multiple times to see all possible endings. The game “knows” which order you picked! Technology at work, enjoy the game!

I know you’re all wondering, and yes, I’ve played it. And dominated, of course. While I love the River City Ransom feel, the dialogue gets a little cutesy for me (see: Roger Sterling screengrab after the jump). If I’m going to be 8-bit Don Draper, I want to feel like 8-bit Don Draper dammit! Don’t undermine my suspended reality, Fine Bros.!

That being said it’s worth clicking play for the 8-bit version of the Mad Men theme alone.

Fine Bros. via Neatorama