Alex Jones Turns On Steve Bannon: He Looks Like ‘He Has Organ Failure’


Folks embraced President Trump’s newest nickname, “Sloppy Steve” Bannon, which may be one of the most entertaining things POTUS has ever done. And of course, Trump did so out of retaliation for Bannon’s quotes in Michael Wolff’s new book, Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, in which the former White House chief strategist lodged a “treason” accusation over Don Jr. and the Trump Tower-Russia meeting. Earlier however, Trump likely found a few kindred furious spirits in Alex Jones and Roger Stone, who both went to town on Bannon with some extreme digs at his appearance.

Per the Daily Beast, Jones officially turned on the Breitbart executive during his hours-long InfoWars broadcast on Wednesday. The proud conspiracy theorist also accused Bannon of “treason,” and then things got personal:

“Let this be his political tombstone here. For all the failures. As soon as his little thing in Alabama failed, this happened. Let it be marked as cancer and we move on. And I hope Breitbart reconstitutes and continues its overall good mission. I don’t like having to do this but I need to put a fork in it when it’s done … [he looks like] he has organ failure [and] has been run over by a truck with dandruff all over him.

Jones went on to compare Bannon’s betrayal of Trump to mugging and rape, via Right Wing Watch. And since Jones wanted to further twist the knife, he accused Bannon of being part of the “deep state” effort to undermine Trump’s presidency. It’s a standard right-wing insult these days, for Eric Trump recently claimed Ellen DeGeneres was also a deep-state member, and Bannon has also spent a fair amount of time accusing others of being part of the deep state.

Regardless, this isn’t the first time that Bannon’s unkempt ways popped up on InfoWars. In a November 2017 episode (as pointed out by the Beast), Roger Stone criticized Bannon as an “amateur” political operative, and he added, “[He] looks like he’s robbing hobos for his clothing. He seems to not be familiar with soap and water nor a good razor.” Ouch.

In this clip from Wednesday’s InfoWars broadcast, you can also watch Stone accusing Bannon of “urinating” all over his former presidential boss. (2018 is already exhausting, yes?)

(Via Daily Beast & Right Wing Watch)