Trump Coined His Most Entertaining Nickname Yet For Steve Bannon, And Folks Fell In Love

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01.05.18 15 Comments

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President Trump had his whole week ruined by Steve Bannon, who blabbed all over Michael Wolff’s new book, Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, including an accusation that the infamous Trump Tower-Russia meeting (with Don Jr.) was “treasonous.” Trump responded by characterizing Bannon as having some screws loose, and then his attorneys threatened legal action. Yet when Team Trump tried to pressure Wolff’s publisher, Henry Holt, not to release the book, the date got bumped up to Friday. Well, Trump has now revealed his fury again in a rare late night tweet, which bestows a nickname upon Bannon: “Sloppy Steve.”

Amazing, right? This may be Trump’s most stellar (and fitting), nickname yet, for Bannon has a knack for looking unkempt even in business attire that would seem snazzy on anyone else. It’s also much better than how Trump reportedly once referred to Bannon as “Bam Bam” because of his domestic abuse allegations. Naturally, this inspired quite the reaction on Twitter, including Olivia Nuzzi’s (possibly) impromptu ranking of other Trumpy nicknames.

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