Bill Gates Does As Well As You’d Expect When Ellen Makes Him Guess The Prices Of Grocery Store Items

During a visit to Ellen on Wednesday, Microsoft founder Bill Gates was asked to play a fun little game called “Bill’s Grocery Bills” in which he would have to guess the approximate prices of everyday grocery store items. Get it? Because he’s worth like 90-some billion dollars and probably hasn’t set foot in a grocery store since before Pudding Pops were discontinued. Should Gates come within a dollar of three items, everyone in the audience would receive a prize.

Lucky for the audience, they were allowed to shout out assistance because after Gates guessed that a box of Rice-A-Roni cost five whole dollars and a large package of Tide Pods cost $4.00, it became apparent that the business magnate would need their help. Not to give the poor guy a hard time or anything, but it’s been not since the likes of Lucille Bluth — who we’ll remind you was a 100 percent fictional character — that we’ve seen someone so astounding bad at knowing how much groceries cost.

Incredibly, Gates was savvy enough to figure out how much dental floss is, and the audience was able to talk him down from $22.00 for Totino’s Pizza Rolls and $10.00 for TGI Friday’s frozen spinach artichoke dip — so they received their prize at the end (which I suspect Ellen would have given to them anyway), a trip back for the show’s “12 Days of Giveaways.”

You tried, buddy. At least you tried.