Boom! Studios Is Bringing ‘Big Trouble In Little China’ Back In Comic Form And More

In news that may or may not have made me scream and giggle with delight for several hours, the folks at BOOM! Comics Tweeted a hell of a vague teaser image yesterday that involves what at least one genius believes is the greatest movie ever made. About a half hour later, Eric Powell, the comic writer and artist who brought us The Goon, Tweeted the same image with the message that more news will be coming from BOOM! tomorrow, and now Friday can’t get here quickly enough.

The image in question reveals a brand new comic take on one of cinema’s most spectacular heroes – Jack Burton from Big Trouble in Little China.

At face value, this means that BOOM! and Powell are bringing us a Big Trouble in Little China comic book series, which is fantastic because it allows fans of the John Carpenter film to enjoy new adventures of Burton and the Pork Chop Express without having to worry about some young schmuck actor with a poseur’s mullet coming along in a reboot or remake of the 1986 classic. But then, what would that “more news” tidbit refer to?

Well, it could just be news about the comic, like who the writers and artists will be and all of that, which is exciting in its own right. But that won’t stop the wings of speculation from losing every feather, as BOOM!’s partnership with 20th Century Fox could mean that this is an open door to a new film franchise. After all, BOOM! began publishing a Planet of the Apes series in 2011, several months before Fox released Rise of the Planet of the Apes, and that included a promotional comic for the film at Comic-Con. BOOM! also publishes the Hellraiser series that is written by Clive Barker, and he is already set to write and direct the reboot of his classic horror series. Oh, and there’s also Die Hard: Year One, which I can’t believe isn’t already a movie.

So does this mean that Big Trouble in Little China is coming back to the big screen? Not at all. But just about every awesome movie from the 80s is being remade or “rebooted,” which is just an a-hole word for shamelessly remade, so it’s only a matter of time before the greatest movie ever made is besmirched as well.