Marvel Actors React To ‘Captain America 3’ And ‘Batman Vs Superman’ Having The Same Release Date

When Warner announced a delay to their untitled Batman versus Superman movie amid rumors Ben Affleck was injured, they picked May 6th, 2016, as their new release date. The day was already staked out as a release date for an unnamed Marvel movie. Now THR says the movie facing off with Batman versus Superman will be Captain America 3. FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!

Since the cast of Captain America: The Winter Soldier is doing press tours right now, numerous outlets have been able to get comments from them about what THR calls “the biggest superhero box office showdown in history”.

Liz Hernandez of Access Hollywood asked Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan, and Anthony Mackie about the release date showdown during the Winter Soldier premiere. Chris Evans kept his statement very vague and polite: “Well, that’s a shame.” (Video here, but it’s boring)

The other two actors have had less media training than Evans, so they’re still capable of saying something mildly interesting from time to time.

Here’s the video of Sebastian Stan’s interview. You don’t need to watch it, but it does include this OH SNAP quote when he was asked which movie would win out: “All you really have to do to know the answer to that question is just look at the track record of Marvel vs. DC . . . Green Lantern.”

That’s a burn.

Anthony Mackie (Falcon) was the most entertaining in his answer, calling Superman a square and saying, “I’ve been up against Ben Affleck before. I won.” He’s referring to Runner Runner, and it’s worth noting that last year Mackie said Affleck will “make [Batman] cool again”.

Access Hollywood also spoke to Samuel L. Jackson, who simply stated, “DC’s having some issues. DC’s having a little trouble with Marvel.”

Meanwhile, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has said they’re not moving Captain America 3. Christopher Markus, the co-writer of both Captain America movies and Thor: The Dark World, summed up the current situation perfectly: “I think when two cars drive at each other, somebody has to veer off eventually.”

Or they could just crash while we watch. We’re talking about megalomaniacal Hollywood executives engaged in a c*ckwaving competition, after all.

Right side of banner image via Schultzybaby. Hat tip to ONTD.