40 Unique And Funny Pop Culture Halloween Costumes On A Budget


It’s already October (How did that happen?), so that means it’s time to start planning for Halloween. We’ve already bought bowls to write “take one” on and leave empty on our porches. Now we just have to make our Halloween costumes. We want to take the same route as our candy distribution method and keep this simple and cheap. To that end, we’ve found 40 unique costumes for adults, kids, and dogs that are relatively easy and inexpensive to put together.

Check out the Halloween costumes in the gallery below. Instructions to build some of these are underneath the photos.

This Gotye and Kimbra couples’ costume is cheap. All it costs is your dignity. (Instructions here.)

For the person who already has some power tools, this costume takes about $25 in additional materials. Instructions here.

And here’s a version which didn’t require power tools. [via]

Velma is a surprisingly easy costume if you can find (or already have) the clothes at a low price. For the glasses, look in the costume section at a discount store or check out the reading glasses at a dollar store or knock the lenses out of some crappy sunglasses. [via]

These cardboard pixelated Metroid costumes by Daniel Cattell can be replicated with almost any old school video game character using cardboard (which you probably have lying around) and a few colors of cheap craft paint (around 88 cents to 99 cents per bottle at stores like Walmart, Hobby Lobby, and Michaels) or squares of colored paper. From there, search for pixelated + [character name] on Google or deviantArt to find an easy template for drawing squares on the cardboard and painting the squares with a coordinating color.

A simpler pixelated cardboard costume [via]

These Minecraft costumes are an even simpler version of the pixelated cardboard costume. [via]

Here’s an even easier and cheaper cardboard costume. [via]

And there’s an even better version for women (and guys willing to shave their legs and be the King/Queen Of The Trolls)…

Problem? [via]

Here’s a cheap cardbord, tissue paper, and duct tape costume for couples. [via]

Or for groups [via]


I’m pretty sure there’s a lot more to this costume than being really, really, ridiculously good looking. [via]

Carlton Banks [via]

These dogs are boldly going where no other dog costumes with cardboard, tape, sharpie ink, and some empties have been before. [via / via]

This realistic Rubik’s Cube costume is time-consuming but cheap (cardboard, electrical tape, and 6 colors of contact paper). Instructions here.

[via / via]

Becoming René Magritte’s “The Son of Man” can be surprisingly simple if you have the suit and hat already. All you need is a photograph or high quality printout of a green apple to cut out and attach to the hat brim, assuming you don’t mind not being able to see and all. [via]



“Gabe Dikel is a creative artist/painter/filmmaker living in Brooklyn. In a sudden flash of creativity, he saw himself as a Che T-shirt, and with the help of his brother, a piece of cardboard and some orange and black paint: Voila! Everyone wanted to wear him, as is illustrated in these pics.” — BoingBoing



Carl Brutananadilewski from Aqua Teen Hunger Force don’t need no instructions to know how to rock. [via]

Master Shake from Aqua Teen Hunger Force [via]


Would you call this Bud Lightyear or Buzzed Lightyear? [via]

This one’s labor intensive. Drinking all that beer is just SO MUCH WORK, but somebody’s gotta do it. [via]

Meg Griffin is an easy costume to put together. [via]


Dale Gribble from King Of The Hill [via]

Best Silver Surfer ever? Best Silver Surfer ever. [via]

Okay, this might be a little too low budget. [via]


Don’t forget to bring a towel. [via]

This guy remembered. [via]


[via / via]

Or you can just give up.


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