Watch A German Engineer Turn Christmas Trees Into Deadly Weapons

If you’re a geek and you’re online at all, at some point you’ve met Joerg Sprave. Sprave is an engineer who loves slingshots, to the point where he has a YouTube channel about the insane slingshots he makes. Still, this one is a doozy even by his standards.

Sprave decided to, essentially, turn a Christmas tree into a flying battering ram. All it took was a frame with some supports, pruning down the tree into an arrow-like shape, and letting it fly into some oak with a satisfying thunk:

Later in the video, he adds a six-inch long iron spike onto the tip and it impales itself all the way into the oak. So, if you were wondering what the Christmas equivalent of Punkin Chunkin is, it’s finally been invented. Really, this needs to become a holiday tradition across the world. The neighborhood can bring all their old trees together and, we don’t know, use them to destroy cars or something. All we know is the holidays need more slingshots. Really, is that too much to ask?