Rumors And A Possible Leak Reveal ‘Dark Souls 3’ Is Coming In 2016

It looks like we won’t be waiting too much longer for Dark Souls 3 to hit shelves. According to Rooster Teeth’s The Know, information pertaining to From Software’s latest installment of the equally popular and frustrating series has been leaked. Details point to the game seeing a release to the public next year on both Xbox One and PS4. Further info from the leak states the game will support up to 4 players with 10 different playable character classes available to choose from.

Dark Souls 3 will also allegedly feature 45 new enemies and 15 new bosses, adding depth to the characters and monsters that have already been established in the previous games. To battle these new foes, the leak suggests there will be 100 new weapons and 40 new armor varieties to help protect your character.

An interesting detail included in the leak claims that when players navigate the game world, interaction with other players will be different than in the previous entries. Instead of signs and soapstones, Dark Souls 3 will have you participate in sacrifice ceremonies, in which players will drag around bodies to specific areas in the game to perform a ritual while visiting another person’s game.

Finally, the folks at The Know are reporting a significant change expected in the boss fights of the new game. Here, these fights will feature a “heat up” factor that will alter the way players approach a battle. These details, and more, will hopefully be substantiated as Dark Souls 3 will receive a full reveal at E3 later this month.

(Via IGN and The Know)