“Deadpool: The Musical” Was Recorded?

We made a lot of fun of “Deadpool” over on the pull list because it was #49.1, and we think decimals belong on cash registers, not on issue numbers.

But it was still a lot of fun, as “Deadpool” tends to be, because it was basically a huge pile of song parodies accompanied by ridiculous imagery, like that run of “Captain America” back in the ’80s that nobody talks about.

It was a different time.

Anyway, Jordan White, the editor, sacrificed his dignity and self-respect for our amusement and recorded the whole thing with bongos, a ukelele, and his quite pleasant singing voice, while Daniel Way contributed guitars and bass in a few moments on the track. You’ll find the whole thing under the jump and before you ask? Yes, you can download it.

via Comics Alliance

image courtesy Marvel Comics