Trump’s Ex-Press Secretary Essentially Called Him A Coward Who ‘Would Be 57 Feet Below Ground Hiding’ If America Were Invaded

Donald Trump may be loudly proclaiming that had he still been president , there would be no Russia Ukraine War. Because he is big, strong Trump Man and no one would dare mess with him. But Stephanie Grisham, Trump’s former press secretary, has a very different view of her old boss—and it’s a characterization that’s not nearly as flattering, as Vanity Fair reports.

While appearing on The View on Tuesday, Grisham was asked about the former president’s relationship with Vladimir Putin, given that Trump has spent years slobbering all over the Russian tyrant, including in the wake of his recent invasion of Ukraine. But the way Grisham sees it is that Trump’s respect from Putin stems more from the fact that he scares the sh*t out of him.

“I think [Trump] feared [Putin]. I think he was afraid of him. I think that the man intimidated him. Because Putin is a scary man, just frankly, I think he was afraid of him. I also think he admired him, greatly, I think he wanted to be able to kill whoever spoke out against him. So I think it was a lot of that. In my experience with him, he loved the dictators, he loved the people who could kill anyone, including the press.”

What a comforting thought!

As if that weren’t enough, she also spoke about how, as she’s watching what’s happening in Ukraine right now, she has imagined how Trump would’ve reacted had America been invaded while he was in office. “Just in watching all of this with [Volodymyr] Zelenskyy,” Grisham said, “Donald Trump would be 57 feet below ground hiding. And Zelenskyy has been out there fighting for his country.”

Make America Gutless Again!

(Via Vanity Fair)