James Corden Has People Imagining Donald Trump As The Subject Of The Some Of The Worst Musicals Ever

03.21.17 2 years ago

On The Late Late Show Monday night, James Corden put on the above four minute long production of “Donald: The Musical” — a parody of the song “When I Grow Up” from the stage production of Matilda the Musical, featuring guests Tim Minchin playing mini Donald Trump, Ben Platt as Sean Spicer, Abigail Spencer in the role of a young Kellyanne Conway and Corden himself as Trump’s nefarious right-hand man Steve Bannon.

The whole sketch was pretty great, with Minchin’s Trump singing: “When I grow up / I will eliminate Obamacare, and replace it with — well I don’t care / if you choose to be sick you should just suck it up.” Spencer was also scathing as Conway, lyrically explaining “alternative facts” with: “When I grow up / if the facts don’t suit my narrative, I’ll just believe alternatives / ’cause otherwise my brain will blow up…”

In essence, the current administration in a nutshell. What Corden was probably not expecting was the unintended consequence of the sketch going viral, because by mid Tuesday morning the hashtag #DonaldTheMusical began trending on Twitter, as people riffed on the idea to come up wit their own Donald Trump themed musicals. Spoiler alert, though — because these all sound like pretty much the worst musicals ever.

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