James Corden Has People Imagining Donald Trump As The Subject Of The Some Of The Worst Musicals Ever

On The Late Late Show Monday night, James Corden put on the above four minute long production of “Donald: The Musical” — a parody of the song “When I Grow Up” from the stage production of Matilda the Musical, featuring guests Tim Minchin playing mini Donald Trump, Ben Platt as Sean Spicer, Abigail Spencer in the role of a young Kellyanne Conway and Corden himself as Trump’s nefarious right-hand man Steve Bannon.

The whole sketch was pretty great, with Minchin’s Trump singing: “When I grow up / I will eliminate Obamacare, and replace it with — well I don’t care / if you choose to be sick you should just suck it up.” Spencer was also scathing as Conway, lyrically explaining “alternative facts” with: “When I grow up / if the facts don’t suit my narrative, I’ll just believe alternatives / ’cause otherwise my brain will blow up…”

In essence, the current administration in a nutshell. What Corden was probably not expecting was the unintended consequence of the sketch going viral, because by mid Tuesday morning the hashtag #DonaldTheMusical began trending on Twitter, as people riffed on the idea to come up wit their own Donald Trump themed musicals. Spoiler alert, though — because these all sound like pretty much the worst musicals ever.













See people, this is what happens when you cut funding to the arts. While it may seem like all fun and games now, this could be a terrifying and shitty glimpse into the future.