A Real Estate Drone Accidentally Captured A Topless Woman Sunbathing In A Thong

South Park warned us about the dangers of drone technology and how it would eventually lead to serious invasions of privacy. But did we listen? Did we listen to our friends Trey Parker and Matt Stone? No. No, we didn’t and now poor Mandy Lingard and her butt cheeks are exposed to the world.

Have you no shame, drone?!

An Australian company called Eview Real Estate was taking pictures of a property next door to Lingard when they accidentally caught her sunbathing topless, in a thong. But don’t worry, they didn’t include the images in their brochure or anything, right?


They went one step further and plastered that thing all over the place.

The image, which includes Ms Lingard lying face down wearing just a G-string, was on the display advertising board outside her neighbour’s house before being removed.

“I heard a noise and then I saw this odd thing flying around and thought it was a kid’s toy. It hovered around and luckily I was face down at the time,” Ms Lingard said.

Even worse, the media’s referring to this lovely woman as the “thong-wearing granny.” As if older women have to wear Depends when they sunbathe. You ageist assholes.

The photos have since been removed from the advertisement.