One Picture Brilliantly Sums Up The Entire Internet Using The Diner Scene In ‘Groundhog Day’

Redditor monster_hugs aptly summed up every major social network using the diner scene in Groundhog Day. He recasts Bill Murray as a world-weary Reddit user explaining to Reddit (played by Andie MacDowell) how he already knows everything that’s going to happen on the internet today. “I wake up, every day… right here,” he intones. It cleverly follows the original scene in which Murray introduces MacDowell to various Punxsutawney residents and summarizes their lives, except now he’s introducing her to the major social networks and summarizing what they’re best at.

Surprisingly, it never veers into pandering “Reddit is the best” territory, but rather honestly portrays what the various social networks excel at doing, whether it’s sniffing glue or slacktivism. There are a couple typos (it wouldn’t be the internet without them), and one Redditor pointed out that the only thing which could have improved the image would be if the last panel had said, “I told you – I spend every day, right here. And despite all the creativity and humor in this post, some asshat is going to have to point out that I used their instead of there.” It also wouldn’t be the internet if someone wasn’t staring stonefaced at something funny and original and free of charge which took significant time to make, and then that person says, “There are two typos. 0/10. Kill yourself.” And that person is Twitter.

And the original Groundhog Day scene, for comparison:

Only one thing missing:

[H/T: Reddit via Slacktory]