This Guy Attempting To Cheat On His Wife With Her Best Friend Immediately Realizes He’s Made A Huge Mistake

Marriage can be hard, y’all. Relationships are a constantly evolving beast, and if the lines of communication aren’t open and strong it can lead to unhappiness with one or both partners. And once you factor kids into the equation, things become even more difficult, as it can be nearly impossible to retain a sense of self much less take time out for your spouse. And then sometimes your husband just really just wants to bang your hot, red-haired best friend.

Such was the case in this unfortunate situation, in which a scorned wife named Leslie finds out that her man, Cody, has been trying to get some side action with her best friend Sam. But like a true best friend, instead of betraying Leslie, Sam instead helps her make this cheating entrapment video to catch that low-down dirty dog in the act.

And catch him they do, but it may or may not have gone as planned, as the Lothario doesn’t exactly seem to possess much remorse over his indiscretion — or indiscretions, rather, as it’s insinuated that this isn’t an isolated incident. “Why’d you show up here?” she demands to know, “Because you wanted to rip off a piece of ass with my best friend?” “Yeah, why not,” he admits.

Apparently the cheating goes both ways though, as Cody brings up a dude named Jared, which sends the whole thing into serious Jerry Springer territory, with: “Yeah, I f*cked Jared while I was pregnant, because you were f*cking Crystal. And you were f*cking Erica, and you cheated on me with f*cking Kathy.”

Yeah… These people should not ever, ever, ever get back together. For their sake, and for the sake of the poor little boy who stands witness to the entire horrible NSFW confrontation.

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