Honest Trailers Reminds Us How Much 'Dragonball Evolution' Sucked

Screen Junkies has already brought us Honest Trailers for Man Of Steel, Thor, and “Awesome Dumb Robot Movie” (AKA Pacific Rim). For Christmas, they got together with Team Four Star to make an honest trailer for the inexplicably most-requested movie, Dragonball Evolution.

Everyone hated Dragonball Evolution, a movie seemingly written for no existing demographic and which Anime News Network aptly summarized as “a clunky, tiresome, badly executed, horribly written pile of shame that deserves no quarter.”

Besides not sticking to the Dragon Ball story (or any story, for that matter), the film also employed a Real World San Diego cast member as Chi Chi and made Goku a white guy eating a turkey leg, sidesaddle, on some matter of lopsided ATV.

Can you spot the OVER 9000 things wrong with this photo? (Hint: the first 8999 are just screams of, “WTF IS THIS, FOX?”)

So here’s the honest trailer for Dragonball Evolution, “an adaptation that steals from everything except the source material.” Did somebody just cast Kuchi Kara no Kaen? ‘Cause that’s a burn.