Jennifer Lawrence Admits She Has Kind Of A Weird Relationship With Her Dog

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There’s a near constant debate brewing between overzealous pet owners who consider their animals to be their children, and parents of actual real human babies who take endless umbrage with the insinuation that taking care of pets could possibly compare to their experience. It’s no secret as to which side Jennifer Lawrence falls under, as the proud owner of a tiny brown mutt she has lovingly named Pippi Longstocking — who even has her own (unverified) Twitter account.

In a cover story Vanity Fair interview released today in which Lawrence discusses everything from her friendship with Emma Stone (they text each other every day) to working with Chris Pratt (who you’ll be shocked to learn is a “morning person”), the Passengers star talks about her relationship with her dog and takes pet parentage to a weird and wild new place.

Last Christmas, Lawrence’s mother commissioned a portrait of Pippi from a 14-year-old fan of Lawrence’s in New Zealand. At first, the actress hung the portrait in her Los Angeles home only when her mom visited before realizing, “Fuck it. I am the person who has an acrylic painting of her dog,” and proudly showcased it above her fireplace.

“I am a psychotic dog mom in a way that I am genuinely embarrassed about. If I could put her inside me and give birth to her I would.” Because of this, Lawrence jokes that having actual children “would be dangerous. My kids would be incredibly jealous because I would still be way more attentive to Pippi than I would to them.”

On one hand, as someone who has a painting of my dog hanging on my wall (a gift commissioned from an Etsy artist) I can’t judge too much. The whole “putting my dog inside of me and giving birth to her” thing might take a bit more convincing, though.

(Via Vanity Fair)