A Charged Moment Between Jessica Chastain And Oscar Isaac On The Red Carpet Almost Broke The Internet

It’s not often that something involved with legendary Swedish auteur Ingmar Bergman breaks the internet, but that’s what happened over Labor Day weekend. Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac were at the Venice Film Festival, there for their HBO miniseries remake of Scenes from a Marriage, Bergman’s classic about a couple slowly, over several years, unraveling. And a moment on the red carpet was so charged, so intense, so hot that people could not take it.

Video surfaced of the two posing for photographers as they promoted a show about two people who gradually realized their marriage was a mistake. He rests his hand on her shoulder. His eyes catch her bicep. He gently kisses it. She pushes him away. Eventually she clasps his face with both hands and they laugh it off. And it’s all in sexy slo-mo.

Mind you, the two go way back. They met at Julliard at have remained friends ever since. They’ve acted together before; they played husband and wife in the 2014 drama A Most Violent Year. They’ve also both played villains in X-Men movies. They’re also both married, to other people.

Still, the moment left social media hot and bothered.

Scenes from a Marriage updates Bergman’s original, which aired as a miniseries in Sweden in 1973 and was cut into a lengthy movie for America. It starred frequent Bergman collaborators Liv Ullmann and Erland Josephson. It’s not clear how closely the revamp will follow the original, but if so, America is in for quite a ride. You can find out when it kicks off its five-episode run on September 12.

(Via Esquire)