Kate Upton Says She Has A Hidden Talent For Playing Video Games, Can Beat Anyone At Mario Kart

You’re already familiar with Kate Upton if you’ve been perusing With Leather’s very busy Kate Upton tag. Now we have an excuse to talk about KATE UPTON NAKED JUICE SMOOTHIES PILLOW FIGHT EATING POPSICLES BIKINI CAT DADDY GIF AND HELLO GOOGLE SEARCHERS. Um, excuse me. Just a bit of search engine optimization. But enough SEO. Let’s get back to the super relevant Kate Upton news.

In a recent interview with GQ, Upton spoke about her love of spontaneously dancing and also of a hidden talent involving video games. ON TOPIC.

GQ: Do you have any hidden talents that people wouldn’t know about?
Kate Upton: I’m an amazing Mario Kart player. Seriously, I’ll beat anyone. I played a lot when I was a kid and I always remember how, so now I just come back and kick whoever’s ass I’m playing and boom! Done.

I’d like to formally challenge Kate Upton to Wario’s Stadium at dawn. 50 cc. Myself in the role of Toad. I will cheat.

Hey, you know what other things Kate Upton is good at? Eating things and doing the cat daddy.

This concludes the laziest, most click-whoring thing I’ve ever written. Gotta mark it on a calender.

[GIF via With Leather, pictures this NSFW slideshow. Thanks to our resident Kate Upton historian Burnsy for the assist.]