Barry Sonnenfeld May Direct Dwayne Johnson’s Battle With Monsters In ‘Lore’

Warner Brothers bought the film rights to Ashley Wood and T.P. Louise’s graphic novel Lore earlier this year for 7 figures after a bidding war with four studios. Dwayne Johnson — the pancake chef nicknamed “The Rock” who is known for asking if people can smell his pancakes — is still attached as one of the leads. Now Deadline tells us Barry Sonnenfeld (Men In Black) is in talks to direct the film.

This is fitting, considering Lore has been described asMen in Black with mythological creatures.” Hopefully the person who first described it that way has been loaded into a cannon and shot into the La Brea Tar Pits. Here’s the actual description of Lore from IDW Publishing:

“In times past, the world was full of mythical creatures – creatures long since banished and held at bay by the secret society of Shepherds. But when the generational line of Shepherds is broken, a reluctant hero finds her life threatened from every quarter. And the creatures are coming back!”

We’re guessing Dwayne Johnson isn’t going to be the reluctant hero who finds her life threatened, unless screenwriters Cory Goodman (Priest) and Jeremy Lott are planning to go all Mrs. Doubtfire with this. Well, whatever happens, I’m rooting for the mythical creatures. Monsters are such interesting people.