Mark Zuckerberg Was A Tech Billionaire Parody Like Something Out Of ‘Silicon Valley’ For The 4th Of July And He Of Course Got Roasted For It

Celebrating American independence is a different experience for everyone. But some displays of patriotism are more roast-worthy than others, and Mark Zuckerberg learned that the hard way this July 4 when a video he posted to Instagram went viral for all the wrong reasons.

On Sunday, Zuckerberg posted a video of himself holding an American flag while riding a foilboard, a surfboard-like device with a fin in the water that can lift the rest of the board off the surface if it’s being pulled fast enough. For more than a minute, Zuckerberg rides the device while waving the flag as John Denver’s ‘Take Me Home, Country Roads’ played.

The video isn’t quite Sweet Baby Rays awkward, but it’s long enough to go from mildly interesting to overwrought in a hurry. Then there’s that weird little hopping thing he’s doing on the foilboard, which is tough to make look particularly cool no matter how nice the sunset is in the background. And when the video was posted to Twitter, once it was confirmed to be real, the roasting got underway.

Several people took out the John Denver and added their own, more appropriate soundtracks to the film. Like the final monologue from American Psycho, for starters.

The Jaws one was particularly well-done.

Many people pointed out the various ways that Facebook has actually done real harm to America in recent years, such as being a breeding ground for misinformation that’s undermined elections, spread QAnon conspiracy theories and led to the January 6 insurrection attempt at the US Capitol. But, hey, at least this billionaire had a nice holiday I guess.