Megan Fox Made A Bizarre ‘Sex Dolls’ Joke About Her Super Bowl Photo With Taylor Swift

Megan Fox was spotted with Taylor Swift during Super Bowl weekend following the Kansas City Chiefs thrilling victory over the San Francisco 49ers. Makes sense. A lot of people wanted to hang out with Swift (and her boyfriend, Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce), but only the Jennifer’s Body actress made an odd “sex doll” joke about her photo with the singer.

Following criticisms about her appearance, Fox (who was there with her fiancé, Machine Gun Kelly) wrote on Instagram, “oh my god guys look how different i… dont look at all. turns out it was just a shadowy cell phone pic of me looking like a ukrainian blowup doll. when in REALITY i look like one of those super expensive silicone real sex dolls you can only get in japan.”

You can see the post below.

The snaps were taken at Resorts World Las Vegas’ Zouk nightclub following the Kansas City Chiefs’ victory over the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday. They were first shared on Tuesday by Chiefs fan Joe Oravec. After the pictures surfaced, some trolls honed in on Fox’s facial features, accusing the movie star of having plastic surgery done.

Swift and Fox don’t have much of a history (other than Swift calling Paramore’s Hayley Williams “the jennifer’s body version of yourself,” whatever that means), but Kelce and MGK do. A Redditor pointed out, “Travis and MGK actually grew up near each other. They went to rival high schools and knew each other since then. There’s an episode of New Heights where MGK calls in and they talk about growing up in Cleveland.” Maybe Machine Gun Kelly can help launch Kelce’s music career? Or, on second thought, maybe not.

(Via People)