The New York Times Mag Asked Readers If They’d ‘Kill A Baby Hitler,’ And Twitter Responded

Politics. Circa 1930's. Adolf Hitler, German leader and Nazi dictator, (1889-1945). Card shows Hitler at Nuremberg rally.
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The New York Times Magazine claims to have polled its readers about whether or not they’d go back in time and kill Hitler. They don’t really outline a plan of action, so we can assume this would be a Terminator-style execution with Arnold Schwarzenegger reclaiming his cyborg style in yet another sequel. The magazine does not provide a link to said poll, they only provide this wee illustrative graphic.

So, 42 percent are down to kill Adolf, 30 percent don’t see the point, and 28 percent are too busy laughing to seriously respond to the question. The entire argument of going back in time is, obviously, a circular one. And as a wise person once pointed out, you’d have a difficult time proving baby Hitler’s identity unless he’d already sprouted a fancy mustache.

Perhaps the New York Times Magazine is trolling its Twittership. Maybe they’ve watched IHOP’s Twitter success and want a slice of that pancake on fleek. The final tweets in this sequence seem to reveal their full intentions, but let’s get to some reactions first. Twitter is shaking its collective head over this one:

After all was said and done, the magazine decided to go full-on IHOP.

Then this happened, which indicates that the magazine had a slow news week and wanted to shake things up. It’s rough out there, folks!