Stop The Internet: Nick Offerman Handcrafts A Ron Swanson Bobblehead In His Wood Shop

Not sure when this first hit the web (the permalink mysteriously redirects) but I can only assume it was today because I can’t imagine the collective internet not sniffing out a video of Nick Offerman crafting a Ron Swanson bobblehead in a matter of seconds and sending it off to virality. The whole thing is just too perfect (ads aside) and I can’t think of a better way to send all of you off to a manlier weekend than maybe was originally intended.

Presumably not-hand-crafted-by-Nick-Offerman bobbleheads are available at the NBC Store, so if anyone is looking to get me a late Grilled Cheese Day gift, there you go. Video below. You may damage your pants during viewing, but not to worry, there’s a Nick for that.