Nicolas Cage In Every Role In 'Star Wars'

It’s a self-determined slow day on the internet for anything that’s not a Live Q&A with Scott Aukerman, so I was delighted to find an email in my inbox from our friend, Brazilian artist and Nicolas Cage enthusiast, Matheus Candido.

In his ongoing quest to retroactively improve film history by placing Nicolas Cage in every role of every movie ever, Matheus has completed what may come to be known as his masterpiece: Nic Cage In Ever Role In Star Wars. Ambitious? Yes. Insane? Maybe. Necessary? Also yes. A message from Matheus himself:

I’ve spent some time now with this one specifically, Nic Cage in Star Wars, it’s HUGE and covers pretty much all of the main characters of the saga.

Click to enlarge and take in the greatness that should have been. The world owes you many thanks, Matheus.