‘PornHub Comments On Stock Photos’ Say What We’re All Thinking

Senior Pop Culture Editor
11.05.13 15 Comments
pornhub stock main

The PFTCommenters of the world aren’t restricted to just sports — they’re also trolling porn comment sections, which is both the best and worst idea ever. Who among us hasn’t had to share our insightful opinions about the color of the couch that a jacked black dude is using to “pleasure” a tiny Asian woman while a midget watches?

This is why I’m greatly pleased that someone has placed PornHub comments on stock photos of mostly white men laughing, smiling, screaming, and smiling at their laptop, sometimes all the same time if they’re watching a Farah Abraham clip. Itz asz wonderful at dat p*ssy I punded last nite.

pornhub stock 18

pornhub stock 17

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